Bob Dylan - The Beaten Path

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ISBN: 978–1–907849–39–8

Front cover: Endless Highway 1 (detail), 2015–2016 Acrylic on canvas Full image 71.1 x 121.9 cm | 28 x 48 in Signed Endpapers: Endless Highway (detail), 2015–2016 Pencil on paper Full image 27.9 x 34.3 cm | 11 x 13½ in Signed

pp. 4–5: South Hampton, New York, 2 (detail), 2015–2016 Acrylic on canvas Full image 121.9 x 91.4 cm | 48 x 36 in Signed p. 8: Nowhere and Anywhere (detail), 2015–2016 Watercolour on paper Full image 74.3 x 121.3 cm | 29¼ x 47 in Signed

p. 12: San Pedro Night (detail), 2015–2016 Watercolour on paper Full image 39.4 x 61 cm | 15½ x 24 in Signed

Measurements indicate original paper size; reproductions of some artworks have had the blank edges cropped for the sake of clarity

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